Mission / About us

Our goal is to work for you. Customer, employee, friend, family, you. We want to foster a community of humility, respect, care, pride, and purpose -- motorbike enthusiast or not.

Hobbies can impact our lives in many different ways in various aspects. We see it as a way to get away from a day full of routines, to pass the time, and to make friends. They can also change someone’s way of living. In our case, the journey of a motor on two wheels has become more than just having fun and getting to places faster, but it’s something that we realized could change how humans see the world as it is today. 


We truly believe there is power in numbers being on two wheels, and we hope you’ll join us in building a community where respect is found in one another.

Kiana Cruz - Co Founder | Head Roaster

Bay Area born and bred, Kiana has been working in the specialty coffee industry for fifteen years as a barista and three years as a roaster. She sees so many parallels between the coffee and motorcycle community that continue to inspire her life; both take dedication, resilience, an open heart and mind to learn from mistakes to get better, and empathy for people. 

Kiana never dreamt that she would have the courage to try to learn how to ride a motorcycle, let alone attempt a California M1 endorsement. With a ton of support from her husband who's an avid motorcyclist and endless conversations with other riders about their experiences, a flame of obsession was ignited in her. She signed up for the Motorcycle Safety Foundations course in February 2019, passed and earned her M1 a month after. She is currently in the market for a fun and stylish moped to get her around the city.
Kiana is pretty proud to have a couple featured interviews in Barista Magazine and her work as a roaster was highlighted in The MatchBook Coffee Project back in December 2018. 

Brad Cruz - Co Founder

Also Bay Area born and raised, Brad tries to make it a habit to ride everyday and so far he's been 95% successful. He's a big fan of drinking coffee for as long as his body allows, and truly feels there is a gap in the community for riders in the bay area. Other than trying to figure out when his next track day will be, he enjoys arcades, sushi, and German Shepherds.