The Aeropress is an endlessly customizable and portable way of producing a sweet, rich, and quick cup wherever you are: indoors or outdoors.


  • Water kettle
  • Aeropress brewer
  • Aeropress filter
  • Aeropress paddle
  • Gram scale
  • Coffee grinder
  • Timer
  • Brewing carafe or mug
  • Fresh coffee beans

Coffee | Water Ratio: (1:10)
18 grams coffee = 175 grams hot water (makes one 7 oz. cup)



  1. Weigh out coffee using a gram scale and grind medium-fine (a bit finer than sea salt).
  2. Bring fresh, filtered water to a boil (between 195F-205F).
  3. Rinse filter with hot water.
  4. Place Aeropress filter into the base and rinse with hot water.
  5. Lock on the Aeropress base with the filter to the brewer. Pour the ground coffee inside.
  6. Place Aeropress and the brewing vessel over your scale and tare to 0.


  1. Start your timer and quickly pour 175 grams of water into the brewer. It should fill right to the top.
  2. Using the Aeropress paddle, gently stir the slurry a few times, making sure all the grounds are submerged.
  3. Place the Aeropress plunger on top; just enough to seal it.
  4. At 0:50-1:00, take the plunger off and stir the slurry gently again. Place plunger back on.
  5. At 1:45-1:55, remove the plunger and stir one more time.
  6. Place the plunger back on and slowly push down until you hear a small “hissing” noise, about 20-30 seconds total.
  • If you find it’s too hard to press down, the grind might be a little too fine. If you find that it only takes 2-3 seconds to press down, the grind might be a little too coarse.

When you’re finishing pressing down, it’s ready to drink.

Enjoy your results!