The v60 is a versatile way of brewing that produces a clean, nuanced, and balanced single cup.


  • Water kettle (preferably gooseneck)
  • v60 filter
  • gram scale
  • coffee grinder
  • timer
  • brewing carafe or mug
  • fresh coffee beans

Coffee | Water Ratio (1:16)
25 grams coffee = 400 grams hot water (makes one 12 oz. cup)

  1. Weigh out coffee using a gram scale and grind medium-fine (something that resembles sea salt)
  2. Bring fresh, filtered water to a boil (between 195F-205F).
  3. Place filter into v60 brewer and set over your desired brewing vessel.
  4. Rinse filter with hot water, then discard.
  5. Add ground coffee into the filter. Tap sides to level the coffee bed.
  6. Place v60 over your scale and tare to 0.


Bloom (First Pour)

  • Start your timer, then pour 65 grams of water, starting at the center of the bed, circling outwards, then back to the center for about 30-45 seconds. Make sure not to pour on the sides of the filter. It may bypass the coffee completely, resulting in a diluted brew. 

Second Pour

  • At 30-45 seconds, pour to 200 grams, starting at the center of the bed, circling outwards, then back inwards.

Third Pour

  • At 1:00-1:15, pour to 300 grams, using the same technique.

Final Pour

  • At 1:30-1:45, pour to 400 grams, using the same technique.

Brew should finish dripping between 2:15-3:00.

When it’s finished dripping, it’s ready to drink. Enjoy your results!


Finish too fast? Try a finer grind. Too slow? Try a coarser grind.