The French Press produces dense, syrupy, and full-bodied cups of coffee. We highly recommend this method for medium-darker or espresso roasts.


  • Water kettle
  • French Press
  • Stirring spoon or paddle
  • Gram scale
  • Coffee grinder
  • Timer
  • Fresh coffee beans

Coffee | Water Ratio: (1:12)
30 grams coffee = 350 grams hot water (for a 17 oz. Press).


  1. Weigh out coffee using a gram scale and grind coarse (a bit coarser than sea salt).
  2. Bring fresh, filtered water to a boil (between 195F-205F).
  3. Place ground coffee into French Press and set on scale. Tare to 0.

Bloom (First Pour)

  • Start your timer and pour 90 grams of hot water over coffee grounds.
  • Take a stirring spoon or paddle and gently stir grounds until there are no dry spots.
  • Allow to bloom for 45 seconds.

Second Pour

  • Pour remaining hot water to 350 grams total.
  • Place French Press plunger on top and let it sit until 4:00.
  • At 4:00, take French Press off scale and gently press down.
    • If you find it’s too hard to press down, the grind might be a little too fine. If you find that it only takes 2-3 seconds to press down, the grind might be a little too coarse.

When you’re finished pressing down, it’s ready to drink.

Enjoy your results!